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61st EAAS Conference: Romania, Constanta



By The EAAS Women's Network


 Sunday, April 24, 2016 (11am-1pm): Session 61 - Shoptalk: EAAS Women’s Network General Meeting



By the EAAS Women's Network Members


  • Session 1: Gender Construction in Film Studies
    Rubén Cenamor (chair & paper) “Moving Ahead: Alternative Masculinities in Tea and Sympathy (1953)”

  • Session 14: Knowledge Surrounded by Water: Islands in the American Imagination 
    Kirsten Twelbeck (paper) “Surfing on Words. Jack London’s Pacific Islands”

  • Session 20: Interrogating Cyborgspaces
    Participant: Dana Mihăilescu (chair)

  • Session 32: Coping with Trauma
    Participant: Michaela Precup (chair and paper) “A Widow Shall: Joyce Carol Oates’s A Widow’s Story (2011) and the Public Performance of Mourning”

  • Session 60: The Portuguese American Diaspora Revisited
    Isabel Oliveira Martins (paper) “Women’s Diasporic Trajectories in Katherine Vaz’s Collection of Portuguese American Stories”

  • Session 64: American Icons
    Participants: Dana Mihăilescu (paper) “You ain’t heard nothing yet: The Jazz Singer as A Malleable Icon of American Cinematic Culture”

  • Session 73: Borders of the Nation: Open Wounds
    Participant: Meldan Tanrisal (paper) “Creating Art Through Facts: Luis Alberto Urrea’s Works and the US-Mexican Border”

  • Session 80: Intersections of Miscegenation and the Medical in Literature by African American Women
    Carmen Birkle (paper) “‘The Taint of Blood’: Miscegenation and the Medical Discourse in Frances Harper’s Iola Leroy (1892)”

  • Session 84: Transnational Politics of Visuality: Picturing Political Women
    Participant: Ingrid Gessner (chair & paper) “‘Hillary for America’: Pictorial Staging and the Communication of Power and Politics"

  • Session 92: Excavating Women from the Archives: Feminist Research in the United States, Turkey, and Italy (An EAAS Women’s Network Panel)
    Tanfer Emin Tunc (chair & paper) “Giving the Voiceless a Voice: The Impact of American Women’s Archives on Turkish Feminist Research”

    Annessa Ann Babic (paper) “Show Me your Archive and I Will Tell You Who Is in Power: The Development of Women’s Archives in the United States”

     Elisabetta Marino (paper) “Italian Women’s Archives: Their Origin, Development, and American Connections”

  • Session 99: Medical Subjects: Competing Narratives of Race, Health and Medical Activism from Slavery to Civil Rights
    Particpant: Carmen Birkle (chair)

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